Introduction to the SmoothLase™ Laser

When you think about skincare, your dentist’s office might not be the first place you envision. However, our cosmetic dentistry has advanced techniques that can offer you benefits that go beyond your teeth. We can help your skin look younger and healthier as well. 

With our SmoothLase™ laser, we can help you eliminate wrinkles for a happier, more confident you. 

What Is a SmoothLase™ Laser?

The SmoothLase laser utilizes cutting-edge dental technology that goes beyond dental care to improve your overall appearance and self-confidence. We can reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin around your mouth and other areas of the face. This laser uses controlled heat waves on the tissues of your mouth to stimulate natural collagen development. 

You can see the SmoothLase laser in our office, where it looks very similar to some of our other dental technology equipment. Don’t let the word “laser” fool you. Our SmoothLase laser uses gentle techniques to give you quality results from a standard piece of dental equipment. 

How Does the SmoothLase™ Laser Work?

The SmoothLase laser is applied to the inside of a patient’s mouth and works from the inside out. The process smooths away wrinkles and makes your skin look healthy. This is done by using contained, gentle bursts of heat to increase collagen production in your skin. 

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that builds muscles, tendons, hair, and—most importantly for us—skin. Collagen makes skin look smoother, more even, and more youthful. Having your body naturally increase its collagen production can be one of the most seamless ways to reduce wrinkles and improve the quality of your skin. 

What Can You Expect During Your SmoothLase™ Laser Treatment?

The SmoothLase laser is applied to the skin inside your mouth, generally over a period of about 30 minutes. You should expect a comfortable, painless experience. You may feel some warmth from the laser, but you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or have any pain. 

A Simple Recovery Process

No recovery time is necessary after your SmoothLase laser treatment, so an appointment can easily fit into your schedule without disrupting your day. Your skin may be a little tender or swollen in the hours after your treatment, but should recover quickly. 

We often recommend multiple treatments in order to get the best possible results. Talk to your dentist about how many treatments are right for you. 

Why Should You Receive SmoothLase™ Laser Treatment?

Wrinkles and loose skin around the neck or face is a natural part of the aging process, but you may still feel self-conscious about how your skin looks. 

Our SmoothLase laser treatment can: 

  • Smooth and revitalize skin. 
  • Help you feel more confident the next time you look in the mirror. 
  • Be a great alternative to plastic surgery. 
  • Offer more dependable results than other anti-aging tools like creams or masks. 

Feeling better about yourself can make a big difference at work, home, or at social events! If you are looking for an alternative skin care option, our SmoothLase laser treatment may be just what you need.

Who Is a Good Candidate for SmoothLase™ Laser Treatment?

SmoothLase laser treatment is recommended for anyone with mild to moderate wrinkles or loose skin around their face or neck. If you’re interested in avoiding surgery but still want great results, SmoothLase can be an excellent fit. 

Your dentist here at Radiance Dental is another important resource who can help you decide whether SmoothLase laser therapy would work for you. We can also answer any questions you might have about the SmoothLase process. 

For Younger, Smoother Skin, Talk to Us About SmoothLase™ Laser Treatment

If you’re ready to get rid of wrinkles or loose skin, reach out to us today. We are excited to help you improve your appearance and your self-confidence. Younger-looking skin can also mean a more radiant, shareable smile!

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