Why You Probably Should Not Use Mail-Order Aligners

If you’ve been looking for ways to straighten your smile, you’ve probably discovered services like Candid and Smile Direct Club. These are just two examples of a relatively new trend called mail-order aligners.

Mail-order aligners are advertised as an alternative to traditional or Invisalign aligners. The idea is that rather than going through the process of meeting with your dentist, you can just order a set of clear aligner trays online so you can straighten your teeth at home.

In theory, mail-order aligners sound convenient and simple. In reality, you’ll want to know about the drawbacks and dangers of the process before you commit to the process.

Mail-Order Aligners Can’t Customize Your Care

One of the biggest advantages to using Invisalign aligners from a certified provider is that you’ll have a relationship with your dentist. Your dentist knows your individual needs and has access to your dental records, x-rays, and more. Constant care is one of the best possible ways to care for your teeth.

Close, Personal Care for Optimal Results

If any unexpected issues or questions come up during your teeth straightening treatment, you’ll have access to a dental professional. Your dentist is a great resource to have as you take steps to improving your smile.

With mail-order aligners, you won’t have the same access to a dental professional. If you experience a problem with your aligners or are confused by any part of the treatment, getting the answers you need can become a difficult hassle. Receiving quality care is easier when you already have a dentist who knows your situation and what you need.

Mail-Order Companies Don’t Have the Same Resources as Your Dentist

Mail-order aligner companies are at a disadvantage because they prioritize making cheaper clear aligner trays. You are at a disadvantage too, because: 

  • Mail-order companies tend to have limited or dated dental technology. 
  • Mail-order companies have limited access to dental records and images. 
  • Longer treatment times may result without proper care from the beginning. 
  • You are at an increased risk of problems down the road. 

In comparison, your personal dentist here at Radiance Dental is invested in dental technology because staying on top of current trends in the field makes for happier patients and better treatments. Advanced dental technology provides detailed scans, higher quality materials, and better-fitting clear aligners. 

You’re much more likely to receive the benefits of cutting-edge dental technology by visiting your dentist in person. Additionally, your dentist is always happy to explain how current dental technology can benefit you and improve your smile!

Mail-Order Aligners May Be More Expensive Than You Think

One of the appeals of mail-order aligners is their affordability. At face value, comparing the cost of mail order aligners to the Invisalign cost might make mail-order aligners seem like a more viable option. However, cheaper clear aligners have hidden costs.

Additional Costs for Mail-Order Aligners

In order to get invisible aligners that function and fit well, you’ll need to provide x-rays and scans so your clear aligners can be customized for your teeth. If you opt for an Invisalign aligner treatment, you’ll receive those x-rays and scans as part of the Invisalign process.  

With mail-order aligners, you’ll be on your own to provide x-rays and images. The extra cost isn’t included in the initial price of your mail-order aligner. You may also have to schedule an appointment with a dentist you’ve never met before. 

Oral Health Problems You Weren’t Expecting 

Many people are drawn to mail order aligners because they’re inexpensive and don’t require in-office appointments, but in reality, you may be purchasing a product that can harm your teeth. 

Some patients of mail-order aligners have experienced unexpected pain and problems because their aligners didn’t work properly. Improper tooth movement also results in additional costs because you’ll need to pay to have an entirely new problem fixed. 

Visiting Your Dentist in Person Means Better Quality Aligners, a Better Experience, and a Better Smile.

If you’re interested in clear aligners, consider a personal treatment from an experienced dentist at Radiance Dental before ordering mail-order aligners. Contact us today to learn how we can make your in-person experience exceptional!

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