Fotona NightLase® Snoring Treatment

Are you tired of snoring? Does a loved one’s snoring interfere with your own sleep?

Snoring is irritating at best and can be detrimental to your health—and others’ sleep—at worst. Rather than continuing to live with severe snoring, consider our Fotona NightLase® snoring treatment.

What Is Fotona NightLase® Snoring Treatment?

Fotona NightLase is a laser treatment that can effectively treat snoring and sleep apnea at the same time. Laser treatment might sound extreme for a problem as comparatively minor as snoring. Fortunately, the Fotona NightLase is a painless, non-invasive procedure that is simpler than you might expect.

If you’re interested in laser treatment for sleep apnea, you’ll receive three laser treatments over a period of approximately 6 weeks. You can expect a comfortable procedure, a short recovery time, and a long-lasting solution to even severe snoring!

How Does Fotona NightLase® Snoring Treatment Work?

In order to understand how this treatment can stop your snoring, it’s important to understand what causes snoring in the first place.  

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens when the airflow from your breathing passes over relaxed tissues in your throat, causing them to vibrate. People with more relaxed tissues or a tighter airway are more likely to experience snoring. Almost everyone snores on occasion, but some people experience more severe snoring than others. 

Airflow is the basic cause of snoring, but several other factors can have an effect on whether your snoring is light, heavy, intermittent, or constant. Overweight individuals are more likely to snore, as are people with chronic nasal problems or people born with a narrower airway.

If you’re only a light or occasional snorer, you likely don’t need any treatment at all. However, some people struggle with severe snoring and can get better sleep and a better quality of life from effective snoring treatment.

Fotona NightLase® Snoring Treatment Restructures Tissues

Lasers are used for a wide range of different treatments in dentistry, from dental cleanings to reshaping oral tissue. The Fotona NightLase laser uses concentrated bursts of heat to gently restructure tissues in your mouth and throat. This snoring treatment is fast and painless, and the majority of our patients feel only warmth during the procedure, not pain. 

After Fotona NightLase treatment, your airway will be slightly wider. This small difference can make a huge impact on your snoring. Instead of rough, interruptive noise, your breathing becomes smooth and quiet during sleep.

Why Should You Consider Fotona NightLase Snoring Treatment?

If your snoring is bad enough that it’s keeping you or a loved one awake, it’s natural to look for a quality snoring treatment. Fotona NightLase treatment can prevent snoring and make your sleep restful again. But what about people who snore regularly but don’t feel as though it’s impacting their lives?

Snoring Is One of the Most Significant Sleep Apnea Symptoms

We want our patients to be aware that snoring and sleep apnea often go hand in hand. Does all snoring indicate sleep apnea? Not necessarily, but snoring is the most common side effect of sleep apnea. 

If you suffer from severe snoring, it’s a good idea to check for other signs of sleep apnea:

  • Excessive tiredness. 
  • Inability to focus. 
  • Chronic headaches. 
  • Snorting or choking sound that interrupts sleep. 

If you are living with even mild sleep apnea, Fotona NightLase treatment can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Fotona NightLase can help you sleep well, focus in the morning, and prevent chronic health problems like high blood pressure and heart problems in the future.

Fotona NightLase® Treatment Can Cure Snoring and Stop Sleep Apnea

If you’re ready to get a good night’s sleep and are tired of being woken by snoring, talk to your dentist about Fotona NightLase treatment! We are excited to help you conquer snoring and enjoy your sleep again.

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